Frequently Asked Questions



I have changed my contact information – how do I change it in my account?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your profile details in the app right now. You can request changes by contacting our Member Service.

I do not want to receive any push notifications from PINS App. What should I do? 
You can manage your communication preferences in Application settings in the upper right corner of the app.


Collect PINS

What is PINS?

PINS is virtual currency that you can collect by making purchases at different companies and brands that are PINS Partners. After collecting certain amount of PINS, you can exchange them for a prize from our Rewards section.

Where is it possible to see all the places where I can collect PINS? 

PINS have many partners not only in Turkey but all around the world. For your convenience, you can check out all the local and global Partners at our Partner map.

Are there any exceptions for collecting PINS?

Some of the Partners might have exceptions on collecting PINS, take a look at Partner map and click on a partner you are interested in to see how you can collect PINS.

How long does it take me to receive PINS? 

Please note that this may differ from Partner to Partner. It might take from 1 day up to 3 weeks.

I have not received my PINS for a purchase. What should I do?

If PINS were not credited because of technical difficulties or some other reasons, contact our member service. Please make sure your claim is sent no later than 30 days after transaction.


Spend PINS

How can I spend my PINS?

There are two possible ways to spend your PINS:

You can spend PINS at Partner by scanning your digital PINS card for a chosen reward or you can also spend them electronically for a gift from our Rewards section.

I do not have enough PINS for a Reward but I still want to buy it.

In PINS Rewards section it is possible to buy Rewards with a combination of PINS and money (minimum payment of 100 PINS is mandatory), except for items marked as “PINS only”.

Do PINS expire?

All PINS collected are valid for 3 years. If these PINS are not spent within this time, they expire irreversibly on the last day of the month they were collected 3 years ago.

Can I transfer PINS from my account to another member’s account? 

No, it is not possible to transfer PINS to another account.


My trip

What is My trip section in the app?

This feature of the app lets you measure each of your trip to monitor your driving behavior and motivate yourself to drive better in order to collect PINS and other prizes.

How my driving is measured?
Your driving is measured based on different factors how well you drive. Each factor is measured with score from 0 to 100, and the average of all these separate scores reflect your overall driving skills and total score.

What metrics are counted in the score?
The two main factors are smoothness and speed. It is measured how aggressively you use the brake and accelerator pedals, how rough you take corners and if you drive within the speed limits.

What are badges and levels, and how do I earn them?
Badges can be earned for good driving behavior and meeting certain driving metrics criteria necessary for obtaining a badge. Information what the conditions are to unlock different levels and badges you can see in Achievements section in the app by pressing on desired badge or level, these conditions are subject to change. 

How do I get awarded for driving safely?
When you have reached certain levels and/or earned certain achievement badges, you might get awarded with PINS or other prize. Information if the badge or level comes with bonus PINS or other special offer from any of PINS Partners, you can see in Achievements section in the app by pressing on each badge or level.

Does the measuring starts automatically or do I have to turn it on before every trip?
The app will automatically start driver monitoring when it detects you are travelling in a vehicle. If you do not wish to have an automatic trip capture, you can disable this feature in the Settings in My Trip section, and then measure only the trips you want by pressing “Start your trip” and “Stop your trip” button at the end of the trip.

How does the app impact my data allowance?
By default, the app will only transfer trip and driving data, once a phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network even if it is only after your trip. If this feature is disabled in the Settings in My Trip Section in the app, cellular data will be used when transferring the trip data.

How does the app impact my battery?
It will have similar impact as using other maps apps on your device where GPS is used. To save battery you can connect your phone to an in-car charger when traveling longer trips.