Terms & Conditions

Main PINS Program Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions
1.1. PINS TY – PİNS MOBİL TİCARET ANONIM SİRKETİ (Sicil No 39634-5, Mersis No 0730039673900018, Merkez Mah. Sağdıç Sok., Sümbül Apt., No:30/2, 34381, Şişli, İstanbul)
1.2. Program – PINS loyalty program, created and maintained by PINS TY.
1.3. PINS – units, which can be collected for purchasing goods/services from the Partners as well as exchanged for goods/services which are offered as part of the Program.
1.4. Terms or Agreement – the terms governing the Program rules and procedures that are binding on the program Members and Partners. The definitions that are not included in the Terms shall be interpreted in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.
1.5. PINS Turkey Mobile App (PINS App) – Program Mobile Application created by PINS TY, designed to run on mobile devices for the Program members to create their online profiles and to use their account information.
1.6. PINS Member or Member means a person who is enrolled in the Program or who is enrolled in the Program by its legal representative and who has agreed to these Terms and who has been approved for participation in the Program by PINS TY.
1.7. PINS Account or Account means an account opened for a PINS member, based on the member’s personal data submitted voluntarily, for the registration of PINS collected and / or spent by the Member. The PINS account is available on PINS Mobile App.
1.8. PINS Membership Number – a unique number for Member identification that is linked to the Account.
1.9. Partner means a PINS TY partner who has entered into a contract for collecting/spending PINS and/or giving discount offers with PINS TY or another enterprise that is authorized to enter into such agreements on behalf of PINS TY.
1.10. Card – Program membership card with a Membership number accessible in Mobile App as a 10 (ten) digit number, bar code and QR code;
1.11. Application Form – an online application form filled out at PINS Mobile App required to register in the program and shows members willingness to accept Program terms.
2. Membership eligibility criteria
2.1. Name, surname – the name and surname indicated in the application must match the data of identity documents (passport, driving license, ID card).
2.2. Age – any natural person who has reached the age of 2 may become a PINS member. Persons who are not legally accountable according to their country of citizenship are represented in the Program by their parents, legal guardians, trustees or any other person that is legally entitled to represent the Person.
2.3. Address – the address indicated by the Member on the Application Form that matches members actual address.
2.4. E-mail address – electronic mail address indicated by the Member.
3. Commencement of membership
3.1. Only individuals who have filled out the Application Form may become Members.
3.2. By applying and using the Program benefits, the Member agrees to these Terms and any future amendments thereof. The current version of the Terms is available in the PINS Mobile App under section Settings.
3.3. Program Application can be submitted and membership approval can be received just once.
3.4. PINS TY is entitled to reject any Program application without specifying the reason.
3.5. PINS Account may be used by the Member or the Member’s lawful representative only and the membership is non-transferable.
4. PINS account
4.1. As proof that the Member has been assigned a PINS account and that he is entitled to collect PINS, the Member shall be granted a membership Account. The Member is limited to a single PINS Account except if specifically stated otherwise in these Terms.
4.2. If participation is sought by initial registration form in PINS Mobile App, account is created only after full registration performed via Mobile App.
4.3. If a Member holds more than one PINS Account, PINS TY reserves the right to close all Accounts that have no PINS accrued without notice.
4.4. If a Member has several Accounts which have been awarded PINS, the PINS shall be transferred to the Account specified by the Member which will become the Member’s permanent Account.
4.5. The Account is attached to a unique e-mail address specified by the Member, which may be registered in the Program Mobile Application with a single Account only.
4.6. The PINS collected may be checked in the Mobile App by using the Member’s profile information (by entering the e-mail address and the password used in the PINS registration). If the Member detects any errors in the account statement, he shall inform the PINS Member service within one month from the date of purchase, unless agreed upon otherwise. After this period, it will be deemed that the Member has approved the existing Account balance and the data shall not be corrected.
5. PINS Digital card
5.1. When applying for the Program via Mobile App, the Member will be authenticated via e-mail and a Digital card will be created in the Mobile App.
6. Accrual of PINS
6.1. PINS can be collected by purchasing services or goods at Partners and/or participating in activities and campaigns featured in PINS Mobile App.
6.2. In order to collect PINS when using or purchasing eligible services or goods, the Member must present his /her PINS Digital card. If PINS are not credited to the Member’s account due to technical or other issue, Member may claim the missing PINS by contacting PINS Member service. If the Digital card has not been shown, no privileges will be applied.
6.3. The Partner shall be responsible for the offers and privileges of Partners in which case the offers and benefits may be subject to the terms and conditions of the specific Partner.
6.4. The Member hereby acknowledges that the PINS ratios vary for purchases and/or transactions made. The Member is aware that the information is accessible in the PINS info materials, and such information can change over time and that the Member is personally responsible for following-up the updated ratios over the Application. The Member can share such information over social media accounts while bearing all associated responsibility.
6.5. The number of PINS in the Account depends on the conditions in force at the time of using a Partner service or making a purchase. For all Partner services eligible for collecting PINS, which are received starting at the Program application and until the PINS Account is registered; the Member’s PINS will be recorded in accordance with these Terms.
6.6. No PINS will be awarded for such goods / services for which the supporting documents (receipt, invoice, etc. ) indicate:
6.6.1. That the product or service is not used;
6.6.2. That their value has been reimbursed or compensated with cash;
6.6.3. That their validity term has expired;
6.6.4. That they have been obtained illegally.
6.7. The Member hereby acknowledges that the campaigns included within the Application cannot be merged, if otherwise stated. Partners can offer different PINS ratios and campaigns on a product basis, and PINS TY may amend the Partners’ and PINS ratios any time.
6.8. The fact that a particular Member is given an opportunity within the PINS application shall not mean that other Members will be provided the same. In addition, the Member benefiting from any feature, campaign or opportunity shall not mean that the same or similar benefits will apply in the same or other Partners.
6.9. When using the services or privileges of another loyalty program, the Member will not be awarded PINS, unless agreed upon otherwise.
6.10. The Partner shall calculate, and PINS TY shall credit, the collected PINS to the Member’s account. These PINS can be spent in the ways intended, as specified in the Terms or other informative materials of PINS. Points received through other programs may be exchanged to PINS and used to receive the privileges or services of PINS program, only if agreed upon.
6.11. All announcements on other ways to collect PINS that are not mentioned in these Terms shall be published separately in the PINS info materials.
7. Redemption of PINS
7.1. Program offers spending the collected PINS for goods and/or services found in the Rewards section in the Mobile App and/or scanning the Digital PINS card for a specific reward offered directly at Partner.
7.2. PINS Rewards section - part of the PINS loyalty program, created and maintained by PINS TY. The use of PINS Rewards is exclusively for Program members who can enter into legally binding agreements under applicable law.
7.3. By accessing PINS Rewards section and making transactions, specifically by clicking the "I AGREE" and/or similar buttons, Member expressly indicates his/her acknowledgment and acceptance of the rules applicable to PINS Rewards.
7.4. The rewards consist of any goods or services acquired by Member in the form of exchanging PINS, and exchanged and distributed by independent merchants that make available such rewards directly to Member via PINS Rewards.
7.5. The availability of the products / services may depend on their availability at the Partner’s warehouse or other conditions of the Partner. Products / services may not be combined with any other offers or specials, unless otherwise indicated.
7.6. Every time Member acquires a reward via PINS Rewards, he/she directly enters into an agreement with the respective merchant. PINS Rewards only provides the access and the technical platform for Member to redeem rewards directly from the merchant. Member agrees and acknowledges that separate terms and conditions of the relevant merchant will apply to any reward redemptions via the PINS Rewards.
7.7. When purchasing rewards via PINS Rewards, Member can pay for such rewards either with PINS, or with any combination of PINS and money. For each transaction, the use of at least one hundred PINS is mandatory.
7.8. The amount of PINS necessary for the purchase of a reward is determined by PINS Rewards and PINS Rewards has the right, at any time and at its sole discretion, to change the amount of PINS necessary to purchase a reward. The conversion ratio of PINS can differ from reward to reward.
7.9. The conversion of PINS into a cash amount and the payment of such cash amount to Member or any similar transactions are not possible, not even in case of return of the reward or services or the cancellation of Program membership.
7.10. After purchasing the product / services, supporting documents (purchase confirmations) will be sent to the e-mail address specified by the Member.
7.11. If the Member wishes to return the product obtained in return for the collected PINS and is able to present supporting documents, he shall only be paid the value of the product stated in the supporting documents. The collected PINS are not deleted but are credited back to the Member’s Account.
7.12. Any rewards purchased by Member with PINS that have not been properly debited to his/her account can be reclaimed by PINS Rewards at any time without compensation.
8. Taxes, surcharges and service charges
8.1. The Member is responsible for covering all additional costs such as taxes (e.g. custom taxes), additional charges (e.g. insurance, delivery fees) applied to purchases of the Partner’s products / services using PINS.
9. Telematics
9.1. Telematics is a feature of PINS Mobile App that captures driver behavior and journey data for driver scoring and assessment. Application automatically detects and collects telematic data whenever a user is driving, if not specifically disabled in the App.
9.2. The scoring covers such elements of driver behavior as speeding, routing, timing and smoothness. The weighted score for the performance of the whole trip ranges from 1 to 100. Driver feedback is accessed directly by the App.
9.3. Based on achievements, score, engaging and daily usage of application, the Member might be awarded with PINS or other prizes assigned by Partner.
9.4. By using the App, Member agrees that when driving cellular data will be collected to transfer trip and driving data to the servers, if not specifically enabled Wi-fi data transfer in the App that allows data sharing only once a phone is connected to a wireless network.
9.5. The Member, by using the App features Drive& Win, authorizes Zensur.io to collect and processes the Member’s personal data collected in the App in foreground and background mode, including location data, in conformity with local applicable laws and regulations, for the purposes of providing, based upon this data and its analysis, services and marketing offers directly or indirectly to the Member.
10. PINS validity period
10.1. PINS are valid for 3 years, starting with the first day of accrual (the day when the product / service is purchased), unless agreed upon otherwise.
11. Intellectual Property Rights
11.1. PINS TY is the owner all rights in the software, visuals, designs, texts, logos and graphics contained in the Application. PINS TY and the third parties, which are licensees, have the exclusive right to exercise all intellectual property rights. The inscriptions, which are related to the registered trademarks or other copyrights on the services, the trademarks or the contents, cannot be removed, altered, or prevented.
11.2. The Member grants PINS TY the right of worldwide, non-exclusive, permanent, unalterable, free and assignable and sublicensable unlimited beneficial usage to use, edit, alter, reproduce, distribute, create or display derivative works of any content that the Member share in the Application.
11.3. Copying of the information and/or software used in the design, content and database creation of the Application and/or using Application beyond benefit, copying, distributing, processing and using of any kind of pictures, texts, images, files etc. datas contained in the Application is strictly prohibited. In addition, it is strictly prohibited for Members (i) to make any attempt to tamper with Application's software or to prevent other Members from using the Application, which may threaten Application's security, (ii) to disproportionate overloading that will give these results to the Application; unauthorized access to information published and/or entered by others in the Application, to copy, to delete or to modify this information or to make tests in this direction, (iii) actions to threaten the overall security of the Application and/or to harm the Application, PINS TY and other Members, (iv) to use or to attempt to use software that will prevent the Application and related software, (v) to develop and to activate various algorithms, services to get PINS unjustly, (vi) to send reference codes, porn contents, promotions of another apps or advertisements to comments in the dotted-out version of Application or to interrupt, disrupt, reverse engineering, to arrange attacks, to engage or to intervene the operation of all kinds of software, hardware and servers, try to gain access to Application servers.
12. Limitation of Liability
12.1. PINS TY, its authorities, directors, employees or brand partners, agencies, suppliers are not responsible for any direct or indirect damages which may arise from breach of contract, tort, or any other reason; like entering application, usage, interruption of process, error, neglect, deletion of data, loss of Application or information in the Application and other data programs etc, delay of processing or communication, computer viruses, communication errors, theft, destruction or unauthorized entry into records, alteration or use of records. The features and other contents within the Application and the Application are provided "as is" and in this context, PINS TY has no responsibility or commitment regarding their correctness, completeness, and reliability. PINS TY also has no commitment or responsibility for any claims arising from or regarding the products or services purchased under the Application. Under this Agreement, PINS TY does not make any express or implied commitment as to the merchantability, suitability for a particular purpose or suitability for use or regarding the non-compliance of the violation. PINS TY will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, special, accidental or punitive damages resulting from the use of the Application, including, but not limited to, loss of profits, loss of goodwill and reputation.
12.2. The Member accepts and declares that the Application may provide links to other Internet sites and/or platforms, files or content not controlled by PINS TY and to provide third party services and that such links do not constitute a statement or warranty of any kind on the internet site or in support of the operator/service provider or on the website or information contained therein, That PINS TY has no responsibility for the applications, websites, files and content, services or products or their contents accessed through the said links.
12.3. The Member accepts and declares that access to the content served through the Application and the Application and their quality is largely based on the quality of the service provided by the relevant internet service provider and that PINS TY has no responsibility for problems arising from such service quality, that the Operation of the Application is not free from defects and that from time to time there may be technical difficulties or access hindrances.
12.4. The Member accepts that PINS TY does not warrant that there will be no viruses, worms or other attacks or unauthorized access to the Application, nor will the Application be transferred to or from the Application and that PINS TY has no obligation to provide support, maintenance, updates or new versions of the Application.
12.5. For the purposes of provision of various services, and subject to any product you have chosen, we may need to disclose and transfer your personal data to companies which maintains the delivery of the proper service to you or data processing companies working on our behalf, including but not limited to travel agencies, governments and enforcement agencies, credit card companies, which may involve sending your data also to other countries where as we will ensure that such transfer of data is performed under the most strict data compliance principles and rules.
13. Termination 13.1. PINS TY can terminate this Agreement at any time with unilateral notice without any compensation. In the event of termination of this Agreement in any way by any Party, the PINS that the Member had earned shall automatically become invalid, in which case the Member shall not be able to obtain any claim from PINS TY. In the event of termination of the Agreement, Member may be necessary to remove the PINS Mobile Application from their devices or to sign out from the Application; otherwise, they may continue to receive messages that are in the usual practice of PINS. This does not mean that the Contract is ongoing and that the Member may continue to use or have certain rights and possibilities to the Convention.
14. Violation of the terms and conditions, membership termination, program updates
14.1. The Member is entitled to terminate the Program membership at any time by informing PINS TY thereof in writing. In this case, the PINS collected are not reimbursed or otherwise compensated and are not transferable.
14.2. PINS TY may terminate the Member’s participation in the Program, if the following is not corrected after receiving a prior warning:
14.2.1. Inaccurate personal data or;
14.2.2. Damage to PINS TY and / or PINS TY Partners and / or their employees or other Members of the Program caused due to the Member’s acts or omissions.
14.3. In the aforementioned cases, PINS TY reserves the right to freeze the Member’s account.
14.4. As soon as PINS TY has terminated the Member’s participation in the Program, it can no longer be resumed.
14.5. Until the termination of the Program membership, these Terms remain valid as the Member’s membership terms.
14.6. If a Partner terminates its cooperation with PINS TY, the PINS accrued with this Partner shall remain in the Member’s account until their expiration.
14.7. PINS TY reserves the right to cancel the Program at any time or replace it with another program.
15. Data protection
15.1. PINS TY (Data manager) performs personal data processing in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law and other applicable laws of the Turkey.
15.2. PINS TY reserves the right and the Member agrees that the personal data provided by the Member and the information on purchases registered in the system shall be used for the following purposes:
15.2.1. To identify the Member;
15.2.2. To create Program statistics;
15.2.3. To inform the Member of the Program activities, offers and news to the extent allowed by the Member;
15.2.4. To inform the member about their PINS account balance.
15.2.5. To inform the Member of third party offers insofar authorized by the Member by registering in the Program or as otherwise agreed with the Member.
15.3. The Member who attracts new members to the Program shall ensure personal data processing in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law and other laws enforce in Turkey. The Member receives no remuneration or compensation for such attracting of new members, unless specifically agreed upon.
15.4. Data submitted by members will be processed and stored within the European Union and the United States of America or other countries, for which the Member may receive a separate notice. 16. Miscellaneous
16.1. PINS TY is acting in good faith and reserves the right to modify or supplement these Terms, the products / services, the volume of the products / services or the PINS procedures set out in any other program documents, whenever such changes are considered necessary. Such changes and additions will be deemed as approved, if the Member continues to participate in the Program or if no written objections have been submitted within one month from publishing the Terms. If the Member does not agree to the changes in the Program, he may cancel his membership in accordance with Article 10.1 of these Terms.
17. Applicable law and jurisdiction
17.1. In case of any disputes that may arise in connection with this Agreement, the provisions contained in this text shall be applied primarily and in cases there are no provisions the laws of the Republic of Turkey shall apply. Istanbul (Caglayan) Courts and Execution Offices shall be exclusively authorized to settle disputes arising from the implementation of the Agreement.
17.2. If any of the foregoing conditions in whole or in part are not legally valid, it does not affect the validity of the other conditions.
17.3. In case these Terms and Conditions can have different interpretations in different languages, the English version shall prevail.